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TACTICAL marketing services

The tactical end of the portfolio sees all the nitty gritty, hands on marketing activities which are required to ensure new lead generation.  Once you have a prospect database operational, you should target that data through a number of direct marketing programmes.  

Using a proven marketing programme methodology developed over many years, we will ensure that marketing programme and lead generation activity is well defined, sharp and focussed. Marketing programmes span all elements of the marketing mix – including mailshots, direct mail, e-mail campaigns, telemarketing, events, exhibitions, advertorial, and so on. They can be regional, national, with a vertical focus or generic – whatever form they take, the programmes are targeted and focussed and are fully costed, with realistic and measurable target returns set on your close rates and ratios being fully measured. 

The objective is to generate new qualified leads and to ensure that the sales pipeline flow is maintained. We do a lot of Email marketing campaigns for our clients, which when backed up with well-timed and well executed telemarketing produce good results.  All outbound marketing activity should always be followed up with telemarketing and lead qualification – it very often is not, which is a further waste of marketing time, money and effort.  

We offer the following tactical marketing activities :

  • Direct marketing – mailshots and letters
  • Email marketing – gives you the ability to reach a lot of people quickly, but our service also enables you to monitor its success by measuring the number of ‘opens’, ‘clicks’ etc so you can truly gauge the effectiveness of each email campaign.
  • Telemarketing – all campaigns followed up by telemarketing increase the number of leads generated.
  • Meeting arrangement – a much sought after service for those who wish to run a very focussed campaign targeting specific accounts and roles within the target organisation. The objective is to arrange meetings with senior level executives. We very often arrange meetings for clients with targeted prospects at industry events and conferences where our clients may be exhibiting or just attending in the hope of meeting the right people at networking events. We really accelerate the meeting arrangement process for our clients.
  • Inside sales – we have done a lot of inside sales for clients. It is essentially managing the whole process of outbound and inbound contact with prospects and customers, qualifying and processing new leads to progress to opportunities for the sales team to run with. It covers the whole lead generation and pipeline management process, managing lead management and contact management/CRM software such as Salesforce, ACT! , Saleslogix, and Goldmine amongst others.

Wikipedia provides a definition of inside sales which sums it up pretty well.

“Inside Sales is selling using the phone or the web without having to travel or see the customers and prospects face-to-face. The term 'Inside Sales' is most often used to describe selling where the Inside Sales representatives is proactive, calling on prospects and customers to sell goods and services. It can also be used to describe Sales Representatives who take orders (Inbound) where the customer or the prospect calls into the company. The opposite (outside sales or Field Sales) involves the salesperson/clerk traveling to the customer/accounts in order to make sales.
Inside Sales also gets professional product training, training on how to fact find, how to overcome objections and how to use a data base where this info can be stored. It is a professional position and can make lots of money for businesses.
It is not the same as telemarketing and the quality of the call is more important than the number of calls. The intent is to develop a relationship with the customers.”

Anyway we do a lot of it very well.

Just some of our clients

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