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STRATEGIC Marketing services 

A good marketing strategy will give you competitive advantage, by providing the edge that will set your business apart from everyone else. We will help you define and implement your marketing strategy, which will include identifying your target markets, defining your proposition and promoting it. The marketing strategy must be commercially viable and resource aware, with monitorable and measurable objectives. It will follows your overall business objective and will provide an evaluation of where you are now, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there. Good planning, focus and clarity in a marketing strategy will help you to achieve your objectives. As part of the strategy setting process Beckley will go through a number of steps with you, including:

  • Strategic business reviews – audit of present position and performance
  • Market research - identifying the target markets – who are your potential customers, what are their needs
  • Identifying your unique selling proposition (USP) – so it fulfils customers’ needs and differentiates you from the competition
  • Developing a strong and concise set of marketing messages – ensuring they are articulated in all marketing messages, campaigns and sales channels
  • Marketing mix optimisation – which marketing elements to use to best reach your target market
  • Establishing a brand presence and identifying ways of raising the brand awareness – you want to be seen, be recognised and be remembered

Your business and marketing strategy will not stand still especially with today’s fast moving technological advances, so constant review is required. To create a truly dynamic marketing strategy all companies should be constantly reviewing their performance and looking for new and better ways to add value to their customers and to ensure that their products maintain their competitive edge.

We can help with strategic reviews at any time whether it revolves around a new product launch, targeting new markets, concern over current performance levels or changing market conditions. 

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