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OPERATIONAL Marketing services 

The marketing strategy will produce a marketing plan which details the operational marketing tools that will need to be put in place to make the strategy work, with timescales for each marketing activity.  The right mix of tools needs to be used to ensure that the right message gets to the right people – the web site content must be relevant, all collateral must be ‘on message’, and  you will need good quality target market and prospect data. Poor quality of base data when running any marketing campaign is a waste of effort, time and money – a waste of your marketing resources.

Getting the operational aspects of marketing is key, and here’s how we can help :

  • Prospect database – No campaign can be run without having some target market and prospect data. Lists can be bought in but most need a good ‘clean’ before they are useable, and thereafter need to be regularly maintained. We offer a list build service as well as our clean and maintenance services, because building your own list of target customers is the most focussed approach and the one that yields best results.
  • Marketing programmes – campaigns will need to be run against your target data, these can take many forms including direct mailshots, email campaigns, webinars, seminar and event programmes.
  • Web site – we offer a complete web design and development service to ensure that your site is one that catches the eye, is informative, retains visitors and catches leads
  • Collateral – full collateral – product brochures, company overviews, case studies, in support of the web site and company branded

Just some of our clients

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