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Global marketing outreach…..around the world in one day

Running global marketing campaigns, which by definition are spread across different regions and time zones, and which require thorough telemarketing follow up always makes for a busy time, but by managing use of time wisely it is possible to get around the world in one day.

I have worked on a number of campaigns recently which have taken me on such a global tour, and it is amazing how much ground you can cover in one day, admittedly a long, but highly effective one. Such worldwide working presents more challenges than when working on UK marketing campaigns. Language is the obvious one, so I always find it extremely useful, in fact essential, to back up all telephone calls with an email reinforcing your message and giving your prospect an easy reply mechanism. Calling and emailing – belt and braces, always best to use both !  

Starting in the East

An early morning start to telemarketing enables Asia Pacific countries to be called starting with Australia and Japan and working your way west to reach out to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, catching your targets towards the end of their working day.

Working Westward

Another country to call towards the tail-end of the Asia Pacific prospecting is Russia, before arriving at mid-morning which enables you to tackle those countries where the time difference is less severe including India, Pakistan and Eastern European countries before moving on to calling Central and Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa, largely referred to as EMEA, and including the UK . This calling can obviously occupy the main part of your traditional UK working day, before starting your late afternoon shift to call The Americas.

Closing the circle

Covering Canada, USA, and the South American continent, the time difference ranges from -3 to -11 hours (behind GMT) across the Americas region. Calling can start in the early afternoon and can take you well into the evening. You can round your day and global tour off by making calls to Alaska and finally New Zealand back in the Asia Pacific to close the loop.  A long and tiring day  - not to be unexpected if you travel all around the world in one day.

Due reward

A lot of effort but all is worthwhile when your outreach is rewarded with a meeting arranged or a positive conversation or email reply from a prospect on the other side of the world. Such openings and uncovering new potential opportunities are what lead generation is about and more than justify your expenditure of time, money and resource to generate new leads which may in turn lead to new business in a new region.

Just some of our clients

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