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Walking on Sunshine…

Here we are in the middle of a veritable heatwave, and enjoying it immensely. I saw the headline walking on sunshine, the day after Andy Murray’s fabulous and historic Wimbledon victory over Novak Djokovic, who I thought was very gracious in defeat. And then I heard the song itself on the radio a couple of days later and I just thought how uplifting it all was and how good life is and it all reminded me of blue skies and marketing success! And who (apart from Politicians) can’t fail to dance to that track in joyous abandonment of all the cares of the world?

So everything’s good, the Lions victory, Murray’s success, the yellow jersey in France, about to whitewash the Aussies for the ashes(?), not to mention the weather. Fantastic – huge congratulations to all, but none of it came about without a huge amount of background work and preparation. Which leads us again to marketing success – for every piece of work won, for every pinnacle reached, there’s a lot of hard graft that goes on before you get the prize. For marketing campaigns it starts with the data, the list build and the precise targeting of your markets, companies and contacts, then you’ve got to get the message just right, chose the appropriate media, generate leads, arrange meetings, close deals etc. That’s the sort of stuff that we do here, and there’s always lots to do before you get close to walking on sunshine. 

I heard Andy Murray interviewed on Radio 4 Today programme and he said he really enjoyed the hard graft – all the time in the gym, the fitness regimes – all the foundation work to enable him to get to where he wants to be. Just what we do  - provide the foundation marketing to help companies to get to where they want to be. 

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