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A few words about us  

Beckley Marketing has been in business for over twelve years supplying a range of marketing solutions to over 100 companies, from start-ups and one man bands to larger outfits like SAP and Sage.

We have worked on marketing strategies and reviews, produced websites, undertaken customer surveys, conducted win/loss analysis reviews, written collateral, managed many marketing campaigns, made thousands of phone calls, and have arranged countless meetings for our clients. We have consistently helped our clients generate new business sales opportunities.

The services we provide cover three main areas ;

  • Strategic - covering strategic reviews, marketing strategies, marketing plans
  • Operational – web site, collateral, marketing database, marketing programmes
  • Tactical marketing – meeting arrangement, email campaigns, telemarketing, events

Please see more detail on these services under the services section of our web site.

We like to work with our clients so that we become an integral part of their team, understanding them as a company and the solutions they provide.  When telemarketing we do not use a script, but rely on our understanding of the client’s solution that we are selling. Being able to talk about a product rather than read to someone about it produces much better results.

Working closely with clients sales teams is particularly important when working on meeting arrangement projects. This is a focussed tool becoming very popular with clients – a recent assignment targeted just 12 companies in virgin territory and resulted in 4 qualified meetings.

You might not be sure that you need any outside marketing assistance, but if any of the following sound familiar to you, perhaps we should have an initial discussion.

  • You have no time for marketing or do not have full time marketing resource and find it difficult to hire the right marketing people.
  • You have a limited marketing budget
  • Marketing activity is unplanned and unfocussed with no measure on its effectiveness.
  • You need to generate more customer prospects and grow your pipeline
  • You are looking to launch a new product or enter a new market
  • You’re not sure that your sales and marketing are as effective as they should be
  • You’d like more sales ! 

It may well be that you cannot put your finger on exactly what is not working because you are too close to the action and would appreciate an objective review of your marketing resources and practices. Just give us a call, we’d be happy to help.

Based in Broughton, Hampshire, Beckley Marketing has 2 Directors, Pete and Sue Beckley. Between them they have over 40 years’ experience working in the software and IT industry, across a range of sales, marketing, partner management and training roles.

Just some of our clients

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